DeVines selected by the GSA as one of MyGalileoSolution winners

3D Aerospace is thrilled to announce that its smart viticulture solution DeVines™ has been selected by the GSA to be one of the thirty selected teams as part of myGalileo Solution competition.

Thanks to the won cash price, 3D Aerospace has proudly developed the following milestones:

  1. New mechanical design of its eHermes receiver protected by a pending patent
  2. Registered the brand DeVines which now has a French trademark
  3. Marketing development of DeVines brands
  4. Development of the DeVines smartphone application (front-end is completed)
  5. Enhancement of DeVines machine learning algorithms for tree detection

3D Aerospace will continue the development of DeVines during the month of February in order to start its operational test Q1 2021.