A bright new look for our eHermes receiver

3D Aerospace upgrades eHermes design

Thanks to the #MyGalileoSolution cash price, 3D Aerospace upgraded the mechanical design of its eHermes receiver. Several improvements were implemented.

  • Upgrade of materials to more eco-friendly materials with a longer lifetime
  • Upgrade of the locking mechanism to ease the locking of the eHermes on different types of vehicles (quads & tractors)
  • Upgrade of the aerodynamics to improve the aesthetics
  • Minimize the overall weight

New eHermes v0.2 under manufacturing

Several prototypes have been ordered to our qualified manufacturer and should arrive just on time for #MyGalileoSolution final of the contest/competition currently planned for the beginning of March 2021, during which the new prototype will be presented live.¬† Stay tuned ūüėä