DeVines: The Future of Viticulture

3D Aerospace is finally on the verge of taking its brand-new precision viticulture solution “DeVines” to the French vineyards. By integrating the latest services offered by the EU’s Galileo system, this newly developed digital technology helps winegrowers detect deadplants , track grape growth, and manage their workforce all from within a simple mobile application. DeVines can be mounted onto any tractor on any vineyard and is sure to change the viticulture industry for the better.
challenges arise in recent years. From monitoring the growth and health of vineyards to managing workforce more efficiently, winegrowers stand under increasing pressure to embrace and adopt digital technology in their day-to-day activities.

Although precision viticulture technology is starting to gain traction, the solutions available in today’s market tend to be expensive and complicated to understand and use. This leaves winegrowers torn between relying on outdated and inefficient manual practices, and making a hefty investment into digital technology that provides just a small upgrade. If that dilemma sounds familiar to you, DeVines is here to help make your life easier and better.

DeVines has developed a technology that tracks the growth of your vineyard, detects any anomalies on it, and helps you manage your workforce with ease so that you can make the most of your vineyard. The core technology behind DeVines’ services is a newly developed GNSS* receiver called “eHermes”, which can be mounted onto any tractor, quad, or other vehicle that you use in your vineyard in a matter of minutes. As that vehicle travels through your vineyard as it usually would, the eHermes receiver automatically collects a vast array of data from different sources and uses it to generate valuable and accurate insights about your vineyard.

All you have to do to access those insights to maximize the potential of your vineyard is install the DeVines web or mobile application. The app allows you to visualize all the information that you need at a glance and provides a simple tool for you to manage and coordinate your workforce from your fingertips.

Soon enough, DeVines will be up and running in the vineyards of multiple alpha customers, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you would like to test the technology yourself. Make sure to follow 3D Aerospace on LinkedIn, visit the DeVines website to subscribe to our newsletter, and click here if you would like to support us and join our initiative at DeVines.