DeVines: The missing Piece of Viticulture

eHermes Receiver

In spite of digitalization taking the world by storm in recent decades, the viticulture industry has seen little improvement in the technology available to it. Most existing precision viticulture solutions leave winegrowers struggling with complex technologies that force them to dig deep into their pockets: 3D Aerospace is determined to change that with its new solution DeVines.

Technology Comparison

Unlike drones, which are currently the most widely used technology in precision viticulture, DeVines functions on a ground-based GNSS receiver that is deployed on tractors. This allows winegrowers to take advantage of vehicles that are already in use, and eliminates the need to acquire expensive drones that require advanced expertise to be used effectively. Despite this different approach, DeVines provides all the benefits offered by airborne solutions, including HD vineyard maps and anomaly detection services in real time. In most cases, the data generated by DeVines is of superior accuracy due to the technology’s proximity to the actual vineyard. At the same time, this is also what makes DeVines relatively less sensitive to unfavorable weather conditions such as strong wind or rain.


Besides drones, many winegrowers opt for mobile applications that assist them in the management of their vineyard activities. These applications, although highly effective and easy to use, solve only one of the many problems faced by winegrowers nowadays. DeVines, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive array of different management tools as well as precise data visualization and deep insights within one application, making it a significant upgrade over any existing application.


All things considered, DeVines brings a disruptive digital solution to the market that places precise real-time data, valuable insights, and day-to-day management tools in one single ecosystem. If you’d like to learn more about the technology, feel free to reach out to us ar with your questions.