DeVines, a decision support tool for today’s and tomorrow’s viticulture.

DeVines was conceived as a global solution for winegrowers in order to help them solve the many challenges that they face every day. The wine industry must reinvent itself to adapt to climate change, new standards and increasing vine decline.

Technology Comparison

To support winegrowers in these developments, 3D Aerospace has developed a unique tool that revolutionizes the approach to work in the vineyard: DeVines. With its automated and geolocated detection system, DeVines is designed to provide an unprecedented level of precision. For the winegrower, this solution opens the doors to new working methods based on reliable, continuous, and in-depth data about their vineyard. Among the benefits, we find significant time savings, since the winegrower can take care of yield estimation, veraison tracking, and missing vine detection in one go with minimal effort and maximum analytical efficiency. With more accurate vine indicators in time and space, our clients will also be able to enhance the quality of the berries and ultimately the wine they produce. Finally, DeVines offers an economic gain: Winegrowers will be able to rely on valuable data on yield and production to help them make the best decisions for his vineyard.