A brand powered by 3D Aerospace

DeVines was created by 3D Aerospace, a young, dynamic and innovative French startup. 3D Aerospace is specialized in High Definition 3D mapping, big data and connected GNSS receivers.

The history of DeVines

In 2019, Benjamin Kawak, founder of 3D is contacted by the winemaker Alain Gayrel, who is looking for an optimized solution to manage his 220ha vineyard. He has faced many challenges with quick detection and geolocation of anomalies as well as his vineyard management. Benjamin and his team have been brainstorming on the best way to combine technology and viticulture. In 2020, DeVines was born, with an all-in-one offer to suit the needs of different winemakers.

Today, DeVines is in partnership with several wineries, including Plaimont and Vinovalie cooperatives and the Domaine de Candie, who share their expertise in the field. The commercialization of DeVines is planned for November 2021 with the first three services which are : yield and veraison estimation, detection of missing trees as well as an employee management tool.