Our crowdfunding campaign was a success!

DeVines would like to thank everyone for your participation and support which has allowed us to reach an astonishing €100.000 of funding with this crowdfunding

75K Milestone

DeVines raises €75.000 in Funding

Following several weeks of hard work, 3D Aerospace is proud to announce that its fundraising campaign for the DeVines brand has attained the €75.000 mark.


Guide pour Investisseurs

Comme vous l’avez peut-être vu passé sur nos réseaux sociaux, nous avons récemment lancé une campagne de financement avec l’aide de FunderNation. Cette campagne est


DeVines has reached 50K in funding !

It is a new milestone for DeVines, who recently reached 50 000€ of funding. At DeVines, we are convinced of the potential of our technologies

eHermes Receiver

DeVines: The missing Piece of Viticulture

In spite of digitalization taking the world by storm in recent decades, the viticulture industry has seen little improvement in the technology available to it.


DeVines : Le Futur de la Viticulture

DeVines s’apprête à arpenter les premières parcelles test et déployer sa technologie de télédétection intelligente propre au vignoble. Fixé sur n’importe quel tracteur, le récepteur


DeVines: The Future of Viticulture

3D Aerospace is finally on the verge of taking its brand-new precision viticulture solution “DeVines” to the French vineyards. By integrating the latest services offered


A bright new look for our eHermes receiver

3D Aerospace upgrades eHermes design Thanks to the #MyGalileoSolution cash price, 3D Aerospace upgraded the mechanical design of its eHermes receiver. Several improvements were implemented.