Even today, the world of viticulture is faced with numerous problems related to vine growth monitoring, environmental issues or even remote resource management. These problems, if not addressed quickly, can accumulate and even slow down the entire production.

However, DeVines’ technology allows for constant monitoring of the growth of clusters in the vineyard while allowing the various employees to manage the progress of their tasks throughout the vineyard.

Detection of veraison

Automated monitoring of the veraison from the clusters detected on each vine.

Faster and more economical

Automated estimation

Monitoring over time

Data recorded to track progress

More precise 

Analysis done on each cluster, vision by section

A better quality

Optimize the harvest thanks to the results


Analysis made from remote images

Global view 

Mapping of the entire parcel

The veraison is a key period in the winegrower's season, which will allow him to plan the harvest. The date of veraison is set when 50% of the bunches have changed color. Currently, the method most often used is sampling. But this method allows to obtain only an approximate date with an important error rate. 

Yield estimation

Automated calculation of the yield on all the clusters thanks to the images collected in real time.

The yield is an essential data for the winegrower, it allows to determine and anticipate future actions and gives a global idea of the annual production of a vineyard. The most common method to calculate the yield is to take a sample, but it lacks precision and the error rate remains high.

Faster & more economical 

Automated estimation with no extra charge

More accurate and complete

Minimizes margin of error

Tracking over time

Recorded data to follow the evolution

A better quality 

More visibility for the green harvest


Analysis made from remote images

Global view

Mapping of all the parcels

Detection of missing trees

Automated detection of missing feet with a geolocation accuracy of 30 cm


Detection is automated

More precise

Geolocated feet with an accuracy of 30 cm

More homogeneous

Allows for a more controlled production

Economic gain

Reduction of losses due to shortages

Better management 

Fair count of plants needed

Missing or dead trees are increasingly common problems in vineyards that are facing vine decline. The most frequent method to fight against this plague is to identify the missing vines at the beginning of the season in order to replace them. But this method requires rigorous and time-consuming due to the lack of precision of the marking.

Management of viticultural activities

Automated calculation of the yield on all the clusters thanks to the images collected in real time.

The viticultural activity is punctuated by the seasons and depending on the month, the number of employees can vary from simple to double. This particularity of the viticulture requires organization and an important follow-up of the activity. 

Better planning

Real-time activity planning


Simplified task management

Economic gain

Reduction of management costs

Resource management

Ability to assign a tool to a task

Better management

Real time anomaly reports


Data available for new employees

Mapping of the vineyard

A High Definition map allowing to read these indicators easily and to have a global view of the vineyard in a few clicks.

More precise

Map readings by feet, sections, parcels

Vineyard showcase

3D map of the parcels explored by the eHermes

Evolution of the vineyard

Data archived & available for consultation over the years

In real time

Automatic update at each passage

Better follow-up

For material and human resources

Currently, winegrowers have very few means to have an overall view of the vineyard. The reading of data on a parcel scale is complex because it requires to cross the information of the vineyard with a map. It is a tedious work, even impossible for larger vineyards. 

Available soon


Phenological Stages and Grape Maturity

Phenological Stages and Grape Maturity

Vegetation Indicators

Vegetation Indicators

Vine Growth Tracking

Vine Vigor


Weeds Height and Density

Weeds Height and Density

Cryptogamic Diseases

Cryptogamic Diseases

Deperishment Diseases

Deperishment Diseases

Avec le réchauffement climatique et les réglementations de plus en plus nombreuses sur les pesticides, les maladies sont une préoccupation majeure chez les vignerons. Des maladies comme le mildiou ou la flavescence dorée peuvent être dévastatrices dans une parcelle et doivent donc être traité à temps. 


Détection des maladies

Calcul du rendement automatisé sur l’ensemble des grappes grâce aux images collectée en temps réel.

Plus rapide : l’estimation est automatisée

Plus précis : minimise la marge d’erreur

Une meilleure qualité : plus de visibilité sur les pieds à éclaircir

Non-destructeur : l’analyse est faite à partir d’images